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Welcome to Akshatha Health Care

The Best Care,
in the Best Place.

Enjoy a hassle-free wellness journey as we bring expert healthcare services for a comfortable and convenient experience just for you.

About Us

Professional healthcare services for your unwavering wellness

Dedicated to your well-being, our skilled healthcare professionals provide healthcare services for your optimal health and sustained wellness

We know how tough it gets to find the right care home for yourself or your loved ones. AKSHATHA HEALTH CARE provides the right place for living for the years ahead, a place that has good friends, good food, adequate healthcare facilities, and it feels perfectly like home. We also provide trained and experienced healthcare professionals who are available to bring various healthcare services from the comfort of your home

Short-term home nursing

Our certified healthcare professionals will bring wellness to your doorstep.

Services at our Healthcare center

Our team of dedicated healthcare experts will provide the best services at our Healthcare center.

" AKSHATHA HEALTH CARE takes care of my health in old age with the best services "

Anatasya Melkomva

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Expert Doctors


Diagnostic Centers

Our Service

Solutions for Quality Elderly Care.

Your health is our priority topmost priority. Whether at our clinic or your home, we provide quality services specially curated to meet your health requirements. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering quality services for your adequate well-being.

Post-surgical care

After surgery, it’s essential to take adequate care of your health. We provide essential post-surgical care services with safety and care.

Vital Checks

Checking vital health statistics regularly is essential for early detection of health issues. We provide vital check services for your wellness concerns

Senior Care

Our care home is a place that echoes with joy and positivity. We strive to provide the best quality services for our elderly patients at their convenience.

24 Hrs. Medical & Nursing Services

We provide medical and nursing services around the clock for all your health requirements. Our caregivers will provide medical assistance as per your needs.

Mental illness & Disorder Care

We consider mental health as a priority. Our disorder care service includes comprehensive care and personalized treatment options for your overall well-being.

We Offer More Service

Short-Term Home Nursing Services- Why is it important?

Our short-term nursing services offer hassle-free healthcare where you do not have to travel, wait in long queues, or climb stairs anymore. 

Schedule your appointments with us for prompt and convenient medical support at your doorstep.

Now, you can avail of hassle-free healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Our healthcare experts ensure utmost safety and privacy while conducting services at your convenience. 

We provide immediate medical attention, addressing your healthcare needs promptly. Book an appointment, and our healthcare staff will reach your doorstep at the time you mention.

You needn’t stress about visiting a healthcare center and standing in long queues anymore. We will bring all medical equipment and help you in providing satisfactory medical services at your home. 

We understand that our patients have unique needs and requirements. Our healthcare specialists will ensure personalized and comprehensive care for your specific health concerns.

We not only save the traveling cost but also guarantee cost-effective medical services at your doorstep. It helps to optimize resources for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our healthcare facilities are accessible to everyone in the easiest way. Our nursing services cater to individuals with mobility issues or those seeking a more convenient healthcare experience at home.

Where To Start

Take Your First Steps Towards Better Living.

Contact us For More Information or to Book our Care.

Akshatha old age home and home nursing services

Jai Maruthi Squire, No.07, 12th Cross, 2nd Main, Kempe Gowda Layout, Near Pipeline Underpass, Laggere, Bangalore-560058

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